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Cassioli began in the heart of Italy, in a modest blacksmith shop, in 1943. Hard work, a love of fabrication, and common sense have been our hallmarks ever since. Today, Cassioli spans the globe with manufacturing facilities in Italy, Brasil, and Poland and representation in the United States, Africa, India, China, Southeast Asia, Russia, Turkey, and Spain. We have a passion for making material handling operations run smoother by providing highly customized, automated solutions. We look forward to working with you.

Automated Warehouse

Where cost-justified, automated warehousing meets high performance standards in intensive storage situations. In specific industrial contexts, the high loading and handling potential of these automated systems – as compared to manual storage systems – make them indispensable.

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Assembly Lines

At CASSIOLI, we are able to customize assembly lines – regardless of size – to serve both manual and automated workflows. Our services include layout design, process simulation, plant deployment, and personnel training.

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Automated Vehicles

CASSIOLI Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Automatic Guided Carts (AGCs), and Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs), are particularly suited for handling load units in highly automated industrial sectors that experience particularly variable and complex material flows.

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Pallet Shuttles

CASSIOLI iSAT pallet shuttle warehouses are specifically designed for high density pallet storage. Utilizing leading-edge technology in terms of mechanical function, data transfer, and energy and battery efficiency, CASSIOLI pallet shuttles are extremely compact.

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